Out in the bay, Zeta had reached Lexx and was nipping and clawing at his pants to get his attention.

“Hey, you waterlogged lizard,…” Lexx was surprised to see him out there, willingly, and let off his pursuit of the girl, who was once again in the water. “Let go! You’re going to rip my clothes if you keep doing that!” That was odd. Lexx knew how much Zeta hated the water. Something had to have forced him to come out here. Expecting the worst, Lexx looked to the beach, “What’re you doing out here? You hate the water,…” He trailed off, noting the figure standing on the beach. “Ashes,… Damian!”

Chel heard the panic in Lexx’s voice, “Who? Someone else you have to fight? So soon?”

“No,…” Lexx’s previous mood seemed to have vanished, replaced by a far more serious one, “He doesn’t like that game. Damian prefers ordinary Alien Dice. I can’t stand him!” His voice then rose in a slight whine of a beleaguered and harassed kid, “And he won’t leave me alone!”