‘I like Lexx.’ Chel closed her eyes, thinking about him. ‘I feel so bad about his situation, but there’s something more. I know it. I can’t ignore how I’m feeling, but at the same time, I really need to be careful. He’s dangerous.

He can do things I should be afraid of, but I’m not. At times, yes.’ Chel recalled the fight Lexx had with Trasik and how he’d reacted when she’d asked if he was really that powerful. It had been one of disappointment.

‘He was so upset with me the last time I made a comment about it. Dangerous,.. but, Lexx wouldn’t hurt anyone if he could help it. Heh,.” And her mind drifted off onto its own random tangent. ‘I wish we had met in a different way,.. but you know, I don’t think there would have been another way.’

Another way, another person. Why couldn’t they have run into each other on campus? She had never felt quite this way about anyone before, but she’d also never met anyone with the universe so much against them.

‘No. There wasn’t another way. Not with how he avoids everyone.’ Chel sighed.