“Really now?” Damian took the new trail and ran with it, in the wrong direction. “You have a lot to learn about females, Lexx! You should be taking advantage of having a girl all to yourself!” He smiled at Chel again, obviously not meaning anything along the lines of what his words belied.

Lexx took a deep breath and stated as clearly as he could, “She,.. is not mine.”

“Oh, come on, Lexx…” Before he could move out of the way, Damian had his arm over Lexx’s shoulder and had pulled him to his side. Lexx squirmed to get away, but it was like fighting a band of iron. Damian turned his attention more fully to Chel, holding out his right hand. “I’m sorry,… allow me to introduce myself! I am Damian Cera Taosh Yirakosa, Alien Dice champion of the old school,.. at your service,.. beck,… call, whatever.” He was captivated. The human girl had such an interesting shade of color to her hair. The lack of ears would take getting used to, but otherwise, she fit quite well into Damian’s thoughts of beauty. “Your name would be?”

Chel stared a moment. His enthusiasm was almost frightening. “Chel,.. Everyone calls me Chel.” She stated uncertainly, holding out her hand expecting to shake hands. She did think it was odd that such a human gesture was common in space.

Damian had other ideas. He took a step forward, let Lexx go and took Chel’s hand by the wrist. “Such a beautiful name.” Holding Chel’s hand, he walked around her, forcing her to turn or have her arm ripped off. Lexx stared and moved aside. Stupid Damian. What did he think he was doing?

“And such soft beautiful skin,.. hands,.. fingers.” Damian knelt, clasping both of his hands around Chel’s and kissing her hand. His hold lingered longer than Chel was comfortable with and seemed a bit more personal than she liked. As soon as he let go, she moved closer to Lexx, her eyes wide in shock and speechlessness.

Lexx glanced from one to the other. Maybe he could get Damian to take her with him or something and be rid of both of them.