Damian’s dice continued running and barking up the palm tree, which Fly and Stealth were still trapped in. From there, they could see the shore and Zeta cowering in the grass out of site of anything on the beach. They were going to be stuck up here for a while. Fly perked up his round ears and turned to Stealth, considering a plan, “I have an idea, Stealth,… I think it’ll work!”

“Yeah?” Stealth hissed sarcastically, “Going to sacrifice yourself to that beast so I can get down?” She was unconvinced of Fly’s ability to come up with a workable plan. If she couldn’t come up with a plan, than the featherbrained fly dice definitely couldn’t.

Fly sniffed and hopped down onto the coconuts nearer the trunk of the tree. He started chewing through the base of one of them, pausing every few minutes to spit out a mouthful of fibers, “No,.. I’ll drop this coconut as a distraction,.. then, we’ll make a break for it!”

Stealth just looked at Fly. What a stupid idea. She wasn’t even going to bother saying how stupid it was. “Why don’t you just … fly?”

“I can’t at this level, you know that, Stealth!” Fly continued chewing through the coconut and with a snap it came loose. It tumbled through the air, right at the dog like creature at the base of the tree. Then, without a second of hesitation, the dog jumped and caught the coconut in her jaws, crushing it in one bite. Bits and pieces of coconut flew as she ravaged the rest of it, then immediately resumed barking up the tree.

The entire action had taken only five seconds. Fly fluffed up in shock that it’d been that quick.

“After you.” Stealth purred in a condescending tone, proven right once again.