The slaves were by order freed from servitude and those that looked passably human were brought back to Earth. The others, like Lexx’s parents and grandparents took to living on space stations as their world. They can’t come to Earth and live and they are generally unwelcome on other worlds fearing an influx of uneducated ‘slave’ refugees.

It’s been a long time since they were slaves, but most races consider the Risha to be an unnecessary plague that they are more than happy to see go extinct.” Damian lowered his tone. As much as he liked to talk and as excited as he got while telling someone something, he really did see the treatment the Risha received as unjust. “You see, Chel… they don’t live well in the old space station. Nobody wants to assist them and their numbers are dwindling every generation. They need a planet with natural gravity for where they lived, or at least.. upgraded space stations and help.

It’s a very unkind universe and that… is why Lexx is in the position he’s in, which I’m sure you know about.”

“I’m.. beginning to feel a headache coming on,..” Lexx murmured, rubbing his hand over his face. He’d heard it before, but to hear it again and in the presence of a human made him feel weird and mixed inside. One side of him, stated it was good for her to know. She would perhaps treat him like a human and not an alien. The other side, only pointed out how much of a freak he was in front of a pure human. That part of him, the part that sought acceptance in such a human desire, tore deeply instead of mended. He didn’t see a reason why she would want anything more to do with him with that story. Why did he care? He stopped himself in his thoughts. Why did he care what she thought? He shouldn’t care. He wanted her to go away, really badly and the more he wanted her to care, the more he wanted her to go away.