“Lexx, this is Victor Reid, my father …” Chel tried to sound as casual and normal as possible. Lexx glanced at the Chel, then at the ground. He wasn’t sure where to look. “And Keith Ritter, a friend of mine.”
The boy smiled, but his interest in Lexx had clearly waned. He was studying the dice now and they were staying in the background until called forward. All except for Swiftpaw. The fox was creeping around behind the humans. Unlike the others, he wanted the trees and sky to his back and not the mountainside.
“They’re here because … well, they know about you.” Chel spoke quickly. She was a little concerned about using the relay it in front of her father and friend. She told herself it was silly. Victor wouldn’t know. How could they see her use it? Still, it was a secret and she did not like keeping secrets.
“Know?” Lexx looked confused. What did they know? Did they know about him and Chel? There really wasn’t that much to know. About the game? About his situation?