Several hours later, the lights were out in the sleeping area and Chel was sound asleep. At her head, Stealth was curled up in her favorite place, and at her side, Zeta was sprawled out on top of the blanket. Fly was curled up on top of Zeta’s back.

Lexx stood in the darkness, having just removed the pillow and blanket folded up on his bed. His expression was blank, simply looking and feeling something he didn’t fully understand, envy? For a brief moment, he was jealous of the dice. They were only simple animals and as simple animals, felt it fine to invite themselves into Chel’s bed and get so close.

It bothered Lexx. Especially that Zeta was laying on Chel’s bed instead of out on the couch with him. It was always nice to have the dumb animal sleeping at his feet or nearby. That dice was the closest thing he had to a friend or any type of companionship he had or wanted out here and now,… he was sleeping on the human girl’s bed. She had stolen Lexx’s comfort.

“I envy the stupid dice,…” Lexx murmured to himself, stepping out of the room with that acknowledgement. It wasn’t that HE wanted to hop into bed with Chel,… well, admittedly, maybe he did. He was only Rishan, only human, but that would not be something he’d ever choose to do. It just wouldn’t be in his nature to decide to do that. He was a gentleman, even if he didn’t particularly like the girl and had treated her in less than nice ways. Now, these things troubled him. They hadn’t while he was doing them, but now he had time to think about it. He’d been cruel and didn’t know why.