Acadiu kept on talking as he and Lexx walked further away from the others.  “Are you sure, Lexx?”  The undid his shirt and tossed it aside.  It would be ripped up if he fought in it and it happened to be one he liked.  It could be washed easier than mended from dozens of rips.  “It’s really a good life.  It’s what we were trained for.”

“Trained without a choice,” grumbled Lexx, sliding his hands into his pockets and fingering his set of modifier dice.  He didn’t want to talk anymore.  “Roll your dice, Acadiu.”

Acadiu removed his own dice, stared at them a moment and sighed.  “Lexx,… ?  Did you ever think you would fight someone you knew?”

“…”  Lexx stared at the ground.  He didn’t want to hear Acadiu saying that.  He didn’t want to fight someone he knew.  There had been battles with others who he recognized from the Academy, but NEVER someone he had considered a friend.  There were so few of them.  Acadiu, Traice, Maline, Canna and Laen.  One out of the five he considered friends, was now standing in front of him. One of the few who knew what it had been like.