“Who are you going to use?” Chel inquired.

“Zeta and Stealth. If we’re successful, they’ll roll to their next levels.”

“Great, .. they’re going to get bigger than they are now?” Chel was almost afraid to ask. It hadn’t been crowded last night, but Zeta was a bit heavy and he was laying across her legs.

“Hopefully.” Lexx nodded, “I’m not sure what’s going to happen to Stealth, new factors make for new raises, but previously, she was as big as Zeta at the same level.”

“I guess it’ll be interesting to see.” Chel grinned, then added with a giggle, looking at how Lexx’s hair was tied back and had been carefully teased to stick more upright than usual. “And uhm,… Lexx, your hair was better the other way.”

Lexx flushed purple at the comment, he thought it had looked just fine, but now felt embarrassed about it. He turned away and grumbled, “We’ll go down first, eat breakfast when we come back. If you’re hungry, I’m sure Fly can point you to where the snacks are.” The squirrel chirred from Chel’s shoulder. He was still perched there and looked quite content to stay there as long as he could get away with it.