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The party-goers gathered around a screen projected against the sky, showing off Lexx’s progress. “Shira Lexx has won another battle!” The announcer called out in an energetic tone. “We are now heading down to the final hours!” Cheering rose from the gathered aliens as Riley, Kade, Vic, Chel, and Mel observed from the back of the crowd.
Vic disapproved of the cheering, finding it little more than cheering on a gladiatorial event between slaves, even though there hadn’t been a battle. The clock counted down, and his understanding was that there were little more than eight hours left. In fewer than eight hours, this would be over, and he couldn’t help but feel things would get far worse in a short time. There was no way this event would end without bloodshed.
“We need to talk.” Kade leaned over Vic, resting a hand on his shoulder.
“Okay?” Vic turned his head to look at Kade, and noting his serious expression, decided not to ask questions. He glanced at Chel, noting her attention was on the form that had just appeared in a flash of light—Lexx returning from his battle. He nodded to Lexx in passing as he and Kade strode out onto the sand, heading for the closest opening that led into the beach.