Day 15, Evening

Evening found Lexx carefully walking through grass that went up to his waist.  There were trees all around him with heavily laden branches.  They creaked in the wind under a quickly darkening sky.  All around him crickets chirped in the grass. Cicadas sang their eerie repetitive love songs above him,… and every now and then, Lexx thought he heard something slithering in the grass nearby.

This wasn’t a place he really wanted to be in, but he had thought he would catch this dice and had twice been down after him during the day.  The first time he had taken Stealth, but she was in a bad mood and complained the entire time and ultimately became frustrated in trying to locate the next dice.  The second time, he took Zeta with him.  They had no luck.

The rest of the day was spent researching the animal life that lived in this particular geological area and see how the locals dealt with it.  Lexx finally figured out what he was after,… a creature called a Raccoon.  And to hunt a raccoon, he needed a dog.  Fortunately, he did have Energy who Lexx figured was as close to a dog as he was going to get.

Energy had wandered ahead of Lexx, nose to the ground.  He was sure he had the right scent, it had the smell of a dice in it.  Now the basset was walking through belly deep grass that was gradually thinning.  Sparkling white pinpoints of light floated behind him like dust as he walked.  He was well aware that Sil, the dice they were after, would see him first and likely attack him.

Then, he heard a low growling coming from the tree branches high above and just ahead of him.  Energy slowed down and lifted his head to search for any movement.  A pair of glowing red eyes met him from amid a clump of branches.