It’s Mauki! You remember Mauki, don’t you.. good grief, I believe it’s been a whole decade.

So I got a minor illness (lips got puffy due to severe dryness/dehydration) that ended up going into another one (sinuses) that ended with (Eyestrain) because while I wasn’t feeling well, I spent several hours without my glasses on merging dragons, also without the twilight dimming feature on my tab, RIGHT before bed. I’m all healed up FINALLY, but behind. 🙁

I was going to take next week off, but won’t. It’s Spring Break and my birthday, so I won’t be very productive, but I DID get updates done and I will plow through getting more done and back to being caught up. Right now, just trying to keep to eating good, because this all started because I have to lapse in eating food that’s good for me vs the missing grocery budget for a week and a half.

Working on it. My Patreon and Ko-Fi are there for a good reason!