Working up the best way to shade things that’s fast and looks nice (to my eyes). I do like this, but I like a lot of thins until I do it a few more pages.

So Lexx gets another little reprieve and just WHAT does he return to the beach to seee?!

Well, nothing really, but I think we’ve already seen he is a bit insecure about such things.

Lexx watched Mauki saunter into the darkness accompanied by a pair of shadows moving in the grass nearby. He regarded them without a word, cautious that an attack could happen at any moment.
It didn’t come.
Instead, Lexx found himself standing alone in the middle of nowhere, his only company a gentle breeze rustling the grass around his feet.
Lexx slumped forward with a sigh, feeling weary from the thought of having to fight. He felt ashamed for being tired. Others had died in the gauntlet or been defeated far earlier with rougher battles. He was getting off easy.
It wasn’t going to last.
Swinging his right hand out, Lexx brought a door forth in a swirl of light. He was getting better at it with so much practice. It stabilized after a moment and Lexx stepped through to the place he desired to be, the vacant side of the beach. He had noticed few partygoers venturing into this area.
The door closed behind him and Lexx stood in the soft sand, spotting three shadowed figures near the rocks.