“Don’t use your abilities on me, Lexx.” Chel wrapped her arms over herself defensively. She slipped off the couch and stepped away from it, furthering her distance from Lexx.
He sighed and stared at the floor. He had messed up and he wasn’t sure what to do about it. If Chel was this upset about him touching her to fix the problem he had caused, why did she ever let him even touch her? Should he touch her at all? Keeping his distance was not something he wanted to do, but he would if she wanted him to.
“They are what I am,” Lexx stated getting to his feet. He didn’t come any closer but held his hands up to Chel. “I will keep my hands to myself. I was not trying to hurt you.”
“I know but you could accidentally hurt me worse trying to help,” Chel spoke intensely. She wanted him to remember this and never do it again without her permission. She still worried about those nanites she knew were in his blood. They still creeped her out.

Oh my, I’m refinding my voice and writing like I like too! – Tiff