Lexx leaned over Chel’s shoulder, sliding a hand over her back, whispering, “Chel, we are all weapons.” He hesitated, then added, “they’re weapons in cute little packages that can be manipulated into crime and black market battles.”
Chel frowned, her eyes fixed on the innocent girl currently wrapped around Mauki’s neck.
“The ADC is a loving parent compared to the Black Market Syndicate,” continued Lexx.
“I will see to it that Pitre never ends up there.” Mauki watched Pitrea out of the corfner of his eye. “I’m going now.” He turned in one smooth movement and began walking away across the beach to the sound of waves rolling in. “This is no place for children, and I am done.”


Wooo… one more successful trip around the sun. 😀 – Tiff