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Alien Dice 29 13 03

With a grumble, Lexx repositioned to sit on the ledge. He could relax now that he knew it was Damian. There was a nudge, and he opened his relay. “Another pass!” Lexx’s mind filled with golden light as Damian appeared to him, joyously announcing his presence. “Great!” Lexx laughed. “You should rest.” Damian hovered around him, hair wafting in the nonexistent wind. Lexx nodded, running a hand up the back of his neck. “Thank you, Damian,” he said with genuine appreciation. “My pleasure.” Damian vanished from the relay, leaving Lexx to his thoughts at the top of the ledge while he sat below, enjoying the view.

4 thoughts on “Alien Dice 29 13 03

  1. …I suspect there’s going to be a nasty fight or two by the end.

    Or they’ll rig it so Chel is a competitor that Lexx faces, so he can just surrender to her.

  2. The ADC is a business that makes space-bucks (or whatever they are called) by broadcasting players capturing dice or having challenge matches. At what point are they going to say ‘enough already’ and make Lexx do something?

    P.S. It was mentioned wayyyy back when that Lexx’s life is almost completely live-streamed to their viewers. Does Chel know that her personal time with Lexx is most likely seen across multiple worlds?

    1. Yeah, she learned about that very early.

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