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“They’re okay, Lexx.” Chel placed her hand on Lexx’s shoulder, looking him directly in the eyes.
Lexx flinched backward at her touch and immediately regretted it. Mentally he scolded himself but went on with his protesting. Chel folded her arms, giving Lexx a strange look that made his insides twist with a twinge of worry that he had offended her.
“Kane can’t do anything I can do.” Lexx gestured wildly with his hands, “She can’t protect herself.”
“She’s safe with ERA,” Keith interjected. “They don’t want them to get hurt. It’s part of a cover story to keep them safe and get humans to accept them as they are. They’re likely to do the same for you.”
Lexx regarded Keith for a moment, then a smile spread over his face.
“No need,” stated Lexx. “I can blend in with humans without a problem.”
“You can?” Chel exclaimed. After all the conversations about fitting in on Earth, this was news to her. It didn’t help that he had this smug look on his face that kind of made her want to hit him for keeping it a secret.