Lexx pulled back, but kept his hands on Chel, relishing the feel of what he felt he was permitted to touch.  He touched her face with hands that were still shaking, anxious to be doing any of this and trying to ignore the dirty looks he was getting from Chel’s father.  “I’m not sure what’s going on, but that battle was a gift.  He ran down the clock!”

“I was so worried for you, Lexx.”  Chel admitted, words that made him feel warm all over.  It felt good to hear them, even though he did not want her to be worried.

“This was just the first match.  I can’t expect another reprieve.”  Lexx lifted Chel up and against him, his lips on hers in a brief, passionate kiss.  He had the opportunity and Chel was more than happy to take it, even as her face burned with an embarrassed blush.