When this is over, I’m free to live my life.  Lexx smiled at Chel, gazing into her eyes, those lovely bright blue eyes.  If he lost, she would be so upset.  He pushed those thoughts aside, repeating to himself, When this is over, I’m free to live my life.

Are you?  A sharp pain slashed white across Lexx’s field of vision.  He winced as the voice continued sending stabbing pain through his head.  You are still a slave of the game and they will come after you if you win.

Leave me alone, Riane!  Lexx shoved back against the entity and it pushed back, sending a throbbing sensation through his mind.

No!  Lexx’s hands flew to his head, trying to rub away the pain that was going through his temples.  He couldn’t see.  His vision was completely cut off and he was restricted to the inside of his head for a moment.  Riane was powerful.  How could she do this to him?