Alien Dice Day 28 05 02

I keep forgetting to add my monthly note about Patreon.  There's a Patreon where you can support the comics and get en exclusive comic. :D  I will soon have an alternative to Patreon, when Swaggerdile gets started up that will hopefully contain easier to navigate comic archives. And then this note for those who don't want to use Patreon but want to support my work.  I have a few things I need for an upcoming convention (it snuck up on me, argh) This is my work wishlist, containing things that I use in my work: Amazon! The most important things are as follows: (Whoa.. I didn't realize that that would bring up a direct link to a wishlist item!)
The two above are the most important, this is #3 for my work area, because I had to reconfigure my desk and remove the space consuming drafting table. (I gave it to my neighbor.)
SoHo Urban Artist Adjustable Drawing Board Adjustable Drawing Board 19.75" x 25.5"
Anything is appreciated and never expected. :)  I DO love surprise! packages from Amazon on my doorstep. :D  - Tiff

3 thoughts on “Alien Dice Day 28 05 02

  1. Not terribly cordial, but certainly correct treatment. I suspect that’s about all Lexx is capable of at the moment. It’s not like he’s distracted by a huge corporation trying to kill him and snuff out all his dreams in a grueling marathon of violence.

    Oh, wait… They are.

  2. I just wonder who he will make responsible for her if he loses.

    1. I somehow think Chel will, if only as a sense of obligation.

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