Alien Dice Day 28 07 07

“I see.”  Lexx patted Wavechaser’s nose and stepped back, giving her an appreciative look, “You’re a precaution in case the ADC tries anything with my dice.” “Your dice are technically property of the ADC like you, but I am not, because I am a gift.”  The massive dice bobbed her head slowly as she spoke.
I do love drawing this dice. :D

4 thoughts on “Alien Dice Day 28 07 07

  1. “I do love drawing this dice.” And it’s also lovely to view. 😉

  2. Interesting, and alarming. I didn’t expect the ADC to just give up and say “Welp, we lost Lexx and he’s about to go public with all our dirty laundry”. But I can’t say I expected them to maybe use his own dice against him somehow. Wavechaser is beautiful, but here’s hoping she isn’t needed!

  3. She looks very much like a seahorse/sallomander cross, very cute and pretty. ^.^

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