“It’s already happened.” Vic persisted as he walked through the room. His gaze fell on the smoothly polished floor. It was the same rock that surrounded them, but he knew it had been molded by alien technology in a fraction of the time it would have taken humans to do the same thing.
The whole place with its seamless walls and open balconies he knew could be concealed in minutes from prying eyes made his skin crawl. There could be other places like this out there. This one was Lexx’s and he was going to live here and it was likely that Chel would come here to see him.
“It can happen again.”
This place was alien and consuming. He couldn’t give in to being fascinated by it when his daughter was in danger. A pair of colorful parrots distracted Vic from his thoughts. They were chattering on the balcony, accepting of this new place and oblivious to its dangers.
“It can,” Mel carried on the conversation, “but with our job it’s never been entirely safe for our kids.”
“We are bigger targets, Mel, but it was our daughter who was abducted and taken to another world.” Vic glanced around the room suspiciously.