Alien Dice Day 29 01 12

Yeaah.. I got distracted and almost didn't upload the page.  Text will be coming soon.  I've been in a book creating mood and think I strained my eyes a little sitting at the big screen so took a break. At some point, I'm just going to have to put the books up for print and not worry so much about them.  - Tiff   “No, I think you do care, Zaile.” Chel called out after him.  “You didn’t before, but something changed.” Zaile involuntarily froze, the words ripping through his thoughts and sending a icy prickling sensation up his back.  He tensed, fighting his body to keep moving.  Heat replaced the prickling and Zaile found his legs.  He stormed forward, wanting to be as far away from the group as he could be so they couldn’t press the issue any further. “You noticed that too?”  Damian reached out and laid his left hand on Chel’s shoulder. “He’s working hard to maintain his anger.”  The female Rishan walked past Chel a few steps.  She ran her fingertips thoughtfully over the silver bands wrapped around her neck.  Chel glanced at her curiously.  She had never seen her before. This rishan female had lavender skin and white hair that was carefully styled.  A metallic silver headband held her hair up and out of her eyes.  Two more bands wrapped around her neck.  They looked seamless and were rounded with engraving of some sort covering the surface.  The rishan wore clothes that looked immaculately clean and pressed.  There were not any seams that Chel could see. Chel’s focus was broken as Mauki walked forward, waving his arms in the air in broad sweeping motions.  He was clearly agitated.  “Who knows.”  Mauki exhaled the words with more exaggerated hand waving.

3 thoughts on “Alien Dice Day 29 01 12

  1. Wow, she had the balls to say things everyone else thought about but didn’t have the courage to say.

    1. Chel’s a little… annoyed…

  2. [sarcasm]That was such a useful meeting. That truly had to wait until Lexx started the Gauntlet.[/sarcasm]

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