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Alien Dice Day 29 02 01

17:24 Lexx studied the relayscape around him.  He was sitting on a brown rock which he was still trying to focus into looking like a real rock and less like a lump of brown amidst the slowly waving green grass around it.  The grass was perfect.  Lexx had focused on the grass around him before slipping into the relay and had managed to mentally replicate it.  Now that it was here, it spread everywhere, the only real element in his relay world. Lexx was still boggling over Keith’s abilities and trying to figure out how to perfect his imaginary world.  His sky was blue, but the shading was off and the clouds were dull white patches that looked more like rising fog than clouds.  He would have to study clouds more and really look at them.  Ghostly white trees rose up against the clouds.  He would work on that more too. The world slowed and Lexx sighed.  Then he smiled, feeling a cool breeze against his face.  I’m aware that I’m sleeping and dreaming.  The architects fixed me.  I can’t remember the last time I truly slept without the ADC messing with me.   He still controlled the relay while dreaming, for the moment.  He knew his consciousness would slip in and out of the relay after a few more minutes, but he had quite a bit of time to think about things within his mind before that happened. When this is over, I’m going to collapse into a nice soft bed and just sleep.  Lexx thought about that comfort, looking forward to going to sleep and seeing nothing.  He wouldn’t be in the relay.  He would just let himself free to dream, something he had not dared to do for years. His wishful thoughts wavered immediately to what he really wanted and he could briefly feel it.   Maybe Chel will join me.   He closed his eyes and imagined it.  Her warm presence;  his arm resting against her soft skin, just enjoying that contact.  The smell of her hair and the fragrance of whatever it was she had showered with.  It was all comforting.  He wanted it.  Just the simple things. “I never thought I would see this world again.”  A completely unfamiliar voice echoed through Lexx’s relay, catching him off guard.  Nobody was supposed to be here.  Riane maybe, but no, this was not Riane.  Lexx’s attention snapped back into the blue sky and green grass portion of his relay.

2 thoughts on “Alien Dice Day 29 02 01

  1. Gah. Relays sound awesome, but the idea of other people having even a little access to my brain creeps me out. I can see why Lexx wants to just dream without interruption – and why it’s scary when you are interrupted like that.

    1. It would definitely be worse than being startled in real life. 😀

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