Lexx had a sense of where Chel was and opened a door nearby. He walked quickly in her direction, every step filling him with growing excitement.
That excitement was dimmed the moment he saw Chel sitting on a couch between her mother and father. He stopped in the doorway, steeling himself for whatever was going on. Chel didn’t look or feel happy and both of her parents looked concerned.
Chel looked up and smiled, clearly happy to see him. Lexx could feel his legs weaken. His resolve to not give in to his emotions wavered, but he controlled himself. He didn’t want to do anything that would upset Chel’s father. Her mother wasn’t a concern.
“One more done.” Lexx smiled, keeping his distance for the moment. “I need a moment alone to discuss something with Chel.” Lexx’s voice trembled as he pushed the request out. He had more on his mind than discussion but felt that for now, he should restrain himself.

Happy New Year everyone!


= Tiff