Alien Dice Day 29 06 07

4 thoughts on “Alien Dice Day 29 06 07

  1. Huh. Are… are you sure Lexx? Because, ah… Stealth and Dash are kinda… in love and maybe the other Dice wouldn’t want to see them be heartbroken if one died? Which is one reason I didn’t suggest either of them… but I personally think it would be better if you were considering either of them to actually take both as Riley suggested.

    Then again I still say Sirius and Drain/Epsy would be a good combo… especially as Epsy has chicks to come home to. Mama Tyrannorca is one Dice this mamacita would NOT wanna piss off…

  2. From a purely tactical standpoint, I’d rule out Dash regardless. He’s a physical attacker, but less subtle than Stealth. Energy’s got different powers, so they cover a wider set of possibilities.

    1. Eli the High Roller

      Not to mention they both posses attributes that enable them to become intangible, so they’re less likely to get seriously hurt.

  3. Question: Could you please include a summary page of all the dice and their powers? I know there is only 1 more day left in the game, but it would be really great (besides going to the wiki) to have a stat page on each of the dice. I also know some of the dice are ‘unusable’ or ‘unpleasant’ in Lexx’s eyes. If they ‘all’ volunteered, does that include the ones that Lexx doesn’t like?

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