Day 16, Evening

Lexx had been smiling when he left Chel’s home later in the day.  The smile faded the moment he stepped back onto the rift.  Nothing.  There was nothing but the hum of the engines and the sound of the water filters for the biosphere.  The dice were once again not to be seen. No-one greeted Lexx. Drift, Fly and Sythe didn’t seem to notice. They immediately *missing* out of the nook, around the corner and down the narrow hall.

Slowly, he trudged around the circumference of the sphere, intending on seeing what the dice were doing.  He heard laughter.  Lexx slowed down, contemplating the sound. He didn’t want to be around it.

Lexx walked to the lift that would take him to his living quarters.  He didn’t bother turning on the lights.  Weariness was overcoming him and as much as he did not want to, he knew he needed to sleep.  With a depressed sigh, Lexx prepared his bed in the middle of the floor.

He swore at his wings the entire time.  When he did choose to sleep, he preferred a comfortable bed,… not the floor.  It didn’t matter how many blankets he threw on the floor, it would still be flat and hard.  Lexx sat grumpily on the pile of blankets and pulled one over him.

The moment Lexx’s head hit his pillow he was out.  He had been more tired than he thought.  Several hours were restful, passing quickly in silent bliss,… then it began.  The darkness twisted around Lexx, bringing with it an intense feeling of guilt.  The same as before, mixed with darker feelings, dredged up from somewhere deep inside.

Lexx was looking.  He was searching.  He had the feeling of looking for something, but he couldn’t figure out what, then there was a sense of blinding pain.  He was reliving previous battles,… three of them, all with Trasik.  The littan was laughing at him, the look on her face reflecting her pleasure in attempting to beat him.

The battles whirled into one and suddenly, Lexx found himself covered in blood and unable to move. He just couldn’t.  It was like every joint in his body had locked.  Out of nowhere, he remembered Chel.  She was waiting for him.

‘I’m sorry, Chel,…’  He could hear himself thinking in despair, the words hanging around him like chains, ‘I,… am so,… sorry,..  Trasik,… I know I said I would be there,… I know you’re waiting,.. I know I promised,.. I know,…’

“You are MINE, Lexx,”  Trasik’s laughter cut through Lexx’s dream, so real and threatening.  It mocked him, pushed him down and made him feel even more defeated.  ‘Forget about the girl.’  She continued to laugh at him, a smug look spread across her face.