Korbaen sat down in the grass and Kane realized he was serious. He wasn’t going to leave. Still, she had to try.
Trembling with a fear she had never known before, Kane rushed out onto the grass and stood next to Korbaen. “So you’re just another rishan male abandoning his job to do what he wants.” Kane shouted angrily.
“Not going to work, go manipulate some other man.” Korbaen smiled, closed his eyes and shook his head, completely ignoring Kane’s little tantrum. He was enjoying the warmth of the sun on his skin.
Kane felt immediately defeated. She wasn’t in a position with any power and she knew it. Korbaen continued ignoring her. Kane leaned back and sat in the grass heavily, deciding to try a different tactic and be truthful about her fears. “I … I don’t want to be locked up again.”
“I’ve made up my mind.” Korbaen lifted his gaze to the sky, gazing at the fluffy white clouds passing slowly overhead. “I prefer the stars where I can’t see them.”
Kane frowned, glancing at the ship and then back to Korbaen. She had to make a decision quickly, or it would be made for her.

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