An hour later … Riley glared after the last cargo hauler passed through the door back to Zaile’s ship.  He had requested to be left on Lexx’s Island.  It would only be a few days and he could request his own ship to pick him up.  The littan had already come up with several plans to get in Zaile’s way.  He would regret firing him.

“… where are we, Sir?”  Lisaan inquired timidly, holding her arms tightly to her body and staring at the sand beneath her feet.  She had never been on a planet before and her first glance at the sky terrified her.  She stood still… hoping that she wouldn’t fly up into it.

“Just an island,” grumbled Riley.  He didn’t want the girl with him.  He had tried several times to leave her on the ship or get someone to take her, but she was brought back each time.  Riley didn’t have time for her.  He had more important things to deal with and she was just in the way.  “Come on.  I’ll just have to find Kane and Damian, get one of my ships out here and get you back to wherever you came from.”