Goosebumps prickled up and down Chel’s arms as she heard Claudia, Damian and Trasik arguing nearby.

“Quiet, we don’t want Trasik to hear us.”  Riley whispered prodding Chel forward.  Chel stared at the stone wall that she felt certain was the only thing between them and her captor.

“Can’t you just open a door here?”  Chel whispered back as Riley suddenly stopped her from taking another step.

“Not from here, no,”  Riley edged toward a break in the wall, hoping to get a good idea of exactly where Trasik was standing and if they were in a safe place to wait.  “Only from the courtyards and this one’s the closest one.  We’ll have to wait for Trasik to leave.”

Chel sighed and stared back the way they had come.  The kids were back there.  She wanted to go home, but leaving them behind was not something she wanted on her conscience.  “If Lexx himself does not show up soon, his human will suffer.”  Trasik’s voiced rose over the wall in severe annoyance.  Chel shivered.

“If she does, I’ll kill you.  I don’t care what happens to me.”  Chel felt her heart skip a beat.  He was here.  He wasn’t supposed to be here, but he was.  She had just heard his voice, louder and firmer than Trasik’s.  She could hear the anger in his tone.  Lexx was here.