“You didn’t kill anyone, Chel.”  Riley stated quickly, rushing to stop Chel’s tears.  Her father and his own were both glaring at him in silent anger.

“What are you talking about?!”  Chel trembled.  “It happened!”

“No.  It did not,”  stated Riley calmly.

Someone better explain this all to me later.  Vic glanced at his upset daughter, wondering why he had been left out of the loop as well.

“I spoke to Trasik before all of this occurred and informed her that if she did not stop this foolishness –I- would disown her.”  Kade suddenly spoke up, seeing that his son was not handling things quickly enough.  “She laughed at me, until her mother told her the same.  Trasik was supposed to resign from the game and meet her future husband today.  She did not show up.”

Kade’s explanation was met with complete silence.  Vic formulated thoughts on exactly what had occurred, while Chel stared blankly at Kade.  Riley’s jaw was open and his mouth moved, but no words were coming out.