“I don’t remember most of my dreams and you always run from me in the ones I do.” Lexx’s voice squeaked as he nervously straightened the collar of his uniform. He couldn’t look directly at Chel and she saw some hope that he was really there and she wasn’t just speaking to a dream image. “I am always trying to get to you.” He admitted after a moment more of fidgeting, lowering hi golden eyes to gaze endearingly at Chel.
“I love you, Lexx.” Chel stated almost shyly. They weren’t words that came easily or lightly. “But there are many kinds of love and I’m not really sure which one this is yet, but I will never abandon you.” She smiled and Lexx smiled back. She wasn’t certain he had heard anything beyond ‘I love you.’.
“I want to be with you, when this is all over.” He smiled faintly, but it was replaced by a troubled grimace.
“Lexx, we’ll talk when you’re awake. Don’t rush.” Chel stated reassuringly.

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