Several minutes later, Lexx and Vic were walking in a different part of the garden. There were not any dice to be seen, nothing but grass and a long pool full of colorful fish. Water misted down onto it in several areas from large overhangs of rocklike structures and more leaves. Vic liked this area. It was difficult to hear what was being said past the pools and there was a plant covered rockwall on one side and a nice view of space on the other.
Lexx followed silently, his mind a whirl of possibilities and trying to read Vic’s mind. It was futile, he knew it, but he desperately wished he could.
What does he want?! I can walk away at any time. I only need Chel. He has the power to take Chel away. Chel might come with me, but then I make her alone,,… with me. No family. I want a family. I have to avoid offending him. What does he want?!I Lexx considered his options and for the first time in as long as he could remember, they were all his thoughts.
Lexx went over that fact for a moment and it made him feel incredibly good and confident. He was still worried about what Vic had to say, but he felt more than capable of being able to work with it.


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