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Day 26 Part 5 Page 06

Chel sipped her soup, rolling her eyes at Swiftpaw. It wasn’t going to work on her and she wanted her ‘normal’ lunch after all that time of eating strange alien foods. Everything tasted so delicious and human. Keith smiled at Swiftpaw, idly shifting about bits of lettuce and tomato until he brought up half of an egg. He picked it up and quickly tossed it to Swiftpaw, eager to see just how fast he would react. Swiftpaw didn’t disappoint. His head snapped up and mouth opened for a split second to snatch the egg out of the air and immediately swallow it. There would not be any chewing when it came to eggs.

11 thoughts on “Day 26 Part 5 Page 06

  1. Lol he’s so happy now

  2. Swiftpaw uses Puppy Dog Eyes – It’s SUPER EFFECTIVE!
    Swiftpaw gains Boiled Egg!

    Swiftpaw: Heee! I wonder what other abilities I might have stashed away…

    1. Swiftpaw uses Puppy Dog Eyes!
      its super effective!
      Chel used softboiled!
      Swiftpaw was cheered!

  3. I guess he needed his sulphur replenished after that little accident a few strips ago..

  4. Well, I guess Swiftpaw really IS a master of the Puppy Eyes!

  5. Master of the “Puppy Dog Eyes” move. Also added to the relevant TV Tropes pages.

  6. And I’m still mush from the cute.

  7. He’s so cute! =D

  8. Swiftpaw used Puppy Dog Eyes!
    It’s Super Effective!
    Chell used Softboiled!
    Swiftpaw was Cheered!

  9. If Swiftpaw keeps it up he’ll roll. Because he will be spherical and flying will be out of question.

    Geez a few comics back he was head down in a bowl of food about half his own size and now he is already finished with it and begging for more? L

  10. Looking pathetic. Swift is doing it right! ^_^

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