Keith ran his fingers through the fox’s ruff. “Chel, you don’t understand.” Keith stated, “They’re intelligent, sentient creatures, but they are still animals and I respect both parts.” He paused, watching Chel’s expression soften. “I know Lexx and the other aliens think of them as just animals. You want to treat them like people. But they aren’t people or ordinary animals.”
Behind Chel, the trio of large dice slowly bobbed their heads in approval of what Keith was saying, keeping their own mouths shut.


Text will be caught up in a bit, not sure when, hopefully I can start on that next week.
My new 22″ Yiynova Tablet Monitor will be in tomorrow evening and I’ll get it set up immediately so I can begin working on comics this week.
Unfortunately, the setback with my equipment has really hurt everything. 🙁 So I’m trying to ignore the problems it has caused and just get back to work and FIX them, including the way the site looks.

The only good news is that I went to an orthdontist about my teeth, and they only want half of them. 😛 I also need two tiny fillings. I take a tiny bit of relief that it wasn’t my actions that led to teeth being pulled… I’ve just lost a lot of bone mass and not sure how that could’ve been prevented. As far as I can remember, every one of my relatives on one side of my family had partials for those same teeth… all the front ones. I hate the front ones, so they can have them. Maybe I’ll even start smiling like a normal person. Anyone who has met me at a con, this is why I never smile with my mouth open AT ALL. Going to run me $1,800.

– Tiff