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Day 27 4 16

“Just sit with me until it’s time.”  Lexx kept his smile, his worries taking a backseat to simply being with Chel.  There were other things he would liked to have done, but his earlier conversation with Damian over ruled them. “I can do that.”  Chel nodded eagerly, leaning against Lexx and touching his back with her fingertips.  Lexx shivered noticeably, gave Chel an embarrassed look, then slid his arm around her, pulling her closer so he could feel her warmth against him.  It felt good, slowly eating away at his mental aversion.  He wanted to be touched, but it was still a battle to accept it, no matter how good it felt.

4 thoughts on “Day 27 4 16

  1. Cuddles! Yes, Lexx needs cuddles. Cuddles for everyone!

  2. Such a beautiful picture.

  3. Lexx has needed a hug for a very long time. Looks like he’s finally getting it.

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