The behemoth trundled onto the beach in an incredibly slow gait. It seemed reluctant to go too far up onto the beach, standing with waves breaking around its massive feet. The head towered a good thirty feet over Lexx and was more than big enough to eat him in one bite, should any mistakes be made. The creature blinked its tiny black eyes in the light, then ran the tip of a thick black tongue over the entire length of its gaping mouth.
Lexx marveled at the monster, noticing it didn’t seem to have any teeth and immediately on guard for what it might be hiding. It was going to be slow, but it might have abilities to make up for its speed. They aren’t holding back.
He took a few steps back, then looked around for the trainer who controlled this beast.
A single floating pod was crossing the sandy beach toward Lexx, carrying the dice’s master. It was a male littan with dark hair, seated comfortably in his fully enclosed pod. Lexx reasoned that this was probably one of the safety improvements the ADC had made since the last time they ran a gauntlet on the player. The pod would keep the player out of the range of the dice the same way an observation lift would.