Lexx arced his wings slightly, wishing the wind would take them up further, but instead it seemed to be dying. Then, a blast of light illuminated them. Lexx rolled in shock, cupping his wings protectively in hope that he could get a glimpse at whatever was creating the light. There were two snapping sounds and in the darkness, both Lexx and Chel heard something pass by them with a hissing noise. They couldn’t see anything, but it was clear to Lexx that they needed to move.

“Careful not to injure them. We just want it to land so we can trank them.” One of the men in the helicopter said to the one handling the gun. He nodded and set his sights again upon a very easy to see winged alien.

‘Stupid-stupid-stupid.’ Lexx noted to himself. He was a clear shot out in the open and he had foolishly made himself AND Chel, a target. Careful to keep clear of the buildings, Lexx swept his wings down to change their angle, gripping Chel as tightly as he could.

Chel had not said anything, too shocked by the fact that someone was actually shooting at them to find her tongue. Momentarily, her mind was blank with panic and the fact that she had to rely on Lexx, who at the moment was gripping her around the sides and legs so tightly that it was making it hard to breathe.