Alien Dice Day 29 07 01
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  1. Mhalpern

    He did not just quote Anakin..

    • Pendrake

      it’s only an Anakin Quote if you add in the “It’s course, and rough” before “it gets everywhere.”

      people’ve been complaining about sand for millenia 😛

  2. M.Lab

    -10 for that quote…….

    other than that, the webcomic is awesome. Keep up the the good work

  3. jamwa

    in fairness, I am pretty certain that quote is much older than the prequel movies.

  4. Once again this comic and it’s comments are brought to you by;
    Sand! it’s everywhere! Get used to it!
    (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

  5. O.B. Juan

    Sand! It’s GRRRRATING!!

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