Alien Dice Day 29 07 13
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  1. eileen

    He sure is arrogant about deciding other people’s lives for them.

    • TiffRoss

      Welp, they ALL are. 😀

  2. Sabreur

    My impression was that these two lost control of the situation a long time ago. I (sorta) get where they are coming from, but they’re going to have a hell of a time enforcing any decision they make here.

  3. Ah yes, a couple of dads who definitely know what is best for all of the children in their vicinity, regardless of what those children think or how they feel. Not to sound too critical- I like these characters and empathise with them. I can’t imagine watching my child be endangered like Lexx and Chel are.

    I DO wonder about Vic’s “oh, that’s even worse” comment. Kade clearly assumes Vic is worried about Chel leaving Earth with Lexx. But I wonder if Vic is also worried about Lexx leaving Chel behind, and that betrayal/abandonment being worse than if Lexx simply died. A bad situation either way, obviously, but it seems like life is going to be complicated for these kids no matter what happens.

  4. G

    if more parents would cease interfering in their adult children’s lives unless asked, their relationships would be a lot better, though I have bitten my tongue a few times, I have generally only given my opinion to my kids when asked. I say generally cause indeed their are times when clearer heads should prevail

  5. Guest

    So you’ve given up on giving approval to your children’s actions, but you go around promising stuff you can’t possibly decide (not to mention keep) for other people’s kids? And you think that’s an improvement? Wow. Really wow.

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