For an all to brief time, they sat together as Lexx rested. With the time winding down to only four and a half hours left, he kissed her.


Edit: I’m not going to add more than what’s here. Truth be told, if I could redo this, it’d be one less page. :/

Yup. Got tired again. Forgot what I was doing. I’m trying to keep a list of what I’m doing around me at all times so I don’t get distracted. 😀 Text will come later. I’m uploading it to force me to get the text done so I don’t lag further. Next chapter is laid out, lettered, printed, and the cover drawn. Let’s try not to get overwhelmed. The important thing is I keep working on it. I have half a mind to work through a summarized version between this and the next part. I still have the popsicle finger puppet idea. 😀 I bet I can distill one chapter into one page to summarize everything, because I know how to turn a 100k novel into a two-page synopsis! – Tiff

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AD Done (Mostly)

Okay, done up to this point making sure the Chapters are all identified, the menu, plugins, and backend are the same as my other sites. Stuff still needs to be filled in, but that will be taken care of later. If you find an error in the site itself, let me know… but not the fact the entries are all smashed together into a single paragraph… 🙁 🙁 I know about that and am fixing it very slowly.

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