For an all to brief time, they sat together as Lexx rested. With the time winding down to only four and a half hours left, he kissed her.


Edit: I’m not going to add more than what’s here. Truth be told, if I could redo this, it’d be one less page. :/

Yup. Got tired again. Forgot what I was doing. I’m trying to keep a list of what I’m doing around me at all times so I don’t get distracted. 😀 Text will come later. I’m uploading it to force me to get the text done so I don’t lag further. Next chapter is laid out, lettered, printed, and the cover drawn. Let’s try not to get overwhelmed. The important thing is I keep working on it. I have half a mind to work through a summarized version between this and the next part. I still have the popsicle finger puppet idea. 😀 I bet I can distill one chapter into one page to summarize everything, because I know how to turn a 100k novel into a two-page synopsis! – Tiff

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I feel as though I’ve been sick constantly since I caught Covid the first time in Nov ’20. 9.9 That one left me with long covid in the form of destroying my ability to properly regulate my body temperature and a locked shoulder along with six+ months of mental fog. Got vaccinated… got boosters… got it again last August. That one left me with chronic leg/knee pain in one leg to the point I could barely walk at points. Six months of ibuprophen, never going over the daily amount… and I got ulcers… which made things oh so much worse even after the pain let up in my knee. Six months later, treatments have almost fully healed that issue, but still sore. Sleeping was the worst. Still foggy headed and annoyingly slow. I have lost over fifty pounds and hey, that’s great and since the ulcer and Covid destroyed and reset all my eating habits, it’s not coming back.

So now, trying to slowly pull things together into my old work routine, which follows my Rule of Sixes, because I work on two pages at a time. I’m concentrating on Alien Dice, Campus Safari, and Vincent and Filaire first. The rule is: 1 full chapter laid out, lettered, and templates printed ahead of time. 6 pages penciled. Six pages inked. Six pages colored. Six pages uploaded. When I finish six pages, I maintain six done at all times and move on down the list. I haven’t been able to do that for over two years. 😛 So right now, I’m gathering stock and penciling until I have 18 pages done total. When I get those up to a point I can maintain it, I’ll begin folding in other work, however, over the last two years I’ve become a much better writer and am furious at the errors in my scripts so am tightening those up as well as I go.

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