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Trasik: Spear him now!


Spear him? Lexx quickly scanned the beast below him as the flames quickly died out. It didn’t have any of the sorts of protuberances that many of Trasik’s dice often had. Then, he heard a rattling sound to his left.

Lexx glances toward the noise and caught a glimpse of light flashing over blue spikes as the dice swung the tip of its tail back and forth in short, slow arcs. The end of the tail had opened like a flower and Lexx could see a large array of spikes that had been held tightly together by the closed tail. A few fell free with the motion of the tail and sailed into the air.

Then, the tail arced sharply and jerked in an arc that would bring it into position to send a torrent of spikes through the air. Lexx grimaced and flapped his wings once. He wasn’t going to be able to get out of the way fast enough. The tail’s end rattled as it swung and then snapped back to release most of the spikes.

Lexx uttered a single word, “Phase!” He vanished in a swirl of darkness as the spikes flew freely without a target to strike.