“My only chance is to WIN or die in battle. I will not be tagged!” Lexx’s determination shone through as he swung his arm in the air, grimacing a moment at the pain. Chel noticed it and dropped her head, not looking at Lexx, her eyes searching the floor as she tried to think of the right words. “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize ….” She began.

“I didn’t want you or anyone else to realize that.” Lexx interrupted, quickly beginning to rewrap his wrist. He hated seeing the scars himself, let alone leaving them visible to someone else. “It is my shame for being an orphan.” Lexx methodically wrapped the bandage, once, twice, just enough to keep it from sliding off until he could wrap it better. “For being what I am… for getting caught.” He looked at Chel, watching her reaction. She was quiet, but he could feel that she understood now. He had achieved what he’d set out to do in making her upset, only now, he was no longer angry and left standing there without anything else to say.

Chel didn’t respond. She had no idea what else to say. She felt she had no right to say anything after her thoughts on Lexx, how she had misjudged him and now, he was standing there, looking at her in a way that made her very uncomfortable, demanding that she make anymore statements on what she thought of him. He didn’t have to say it to make Chel aware that’s what he was doing. She had really angered him and hadn’t actually thought about it. Lexx had taken every comment she’d made about him and the game and not argued with her. She was in the wrong and she knew it.

Lexx couldn’t stand the silence, especially as realization struck him fully. He didn’t enjoy it. He thought he would feel better after letting out all of his dislike toward the human’s words and hurt her, but now, he felt empty inside. The anger was gone, replaced by a gnawing irritation that he’d just taken out several years of unspent hostility on someone who wasn’t even involved and had nothing to do with his life. “Arrrgh!” Lexx yelled, spinning on his heels and turning, the movement making him cringe further and double over. Without another word, he left Chel to think further and end the uncomfortable silence that he now wished had never occurred.