“We might not be allowed to or they will take them.”  Stealth voiced her fears softly, in a tone she rarely used.  Too many conversations with other female dice ran through her head.  The motherly ones often and sadly spoke about their offspring they only had a short time with.  Others spoke of being glad they were gone.  Some had been heart broken over kits they had lost because they were immediately taken and destroyed, stillborn, or were deformed.  There were stories of kits who were blind or deaf and on occasion, both.  There was so much joy and sorrow, but mainly… sorrow.

“Or they won’t.” Dash whispered conspiratorially.


I’ll be cancelling the Indiegogo tomorrow if it doesn’t move considerably. I can’t waste time on something that isn’t likely to fund when I can’t pay the server bill or buy groceries.

I’ll run a shorter kickstarter.

Ok, I won’t. I’m just a bit overwhelmed right now.

– Tiff